5 Safety Tips for Online Over 60 Dating

Over 60 dating has acquired fast extremely popularity over the past 10 years, thanks to the evolution of internet technology and mobile phone, they offers the best online dating service to the elderly singles as well as the younger generation. But for all single people over sixty, the online satety is a fatal issue you should notice. No matter how desired you are for love or friendship, it is essential that you put the online safety at the first position. Here are a few safety precautions that you have to consider during the process of online dating.

Never Give Your Personal Information Away Before Meeting Them

Keep in mind that you should never give your phone number out, connect with someone on social media websites, or even let someone know your last name before you meet up with them. You need to make it difficult for them to find who you are online, because criminals might know enough to find who you are in real life with your information. If you added someone on Facebook and then post about how you went out of town or on vacation then you’re making it all too easy for them to rob you. It sounds illogical but don’t forget it. We want to be trusting so we readily give away our information, but you need not to give this information away. If someone presses it out of you then they wouldn’t be a good friend.

Remember to Meet in Public

This is another important tip. Your physical protection must always be the priority even if you get the person to pass a background or identity check. You should always make your first meeting place a public place. Meet in a place with lots of light with people all around. You don’t know who they really are until you meet them. You might not have been scammed if it turns out they are younger or older, or look different from their photos, otherwise you might be cheated.

How to Indentify and Spot an Online Dating Scammer

Be Careful About People who Say They’ve Been in the Military

Sometimes scammers will use photos depicting military personnel. This is because people respect and admire people from the military. If the person you’re talking to has military photos then you should definitely avoid sharing personal information until you get to meet them. You should be particularly wary of people who claim to be away on duty because this is one of the more common ways con artists take advantage of people.

I recently talked to someone who connected with a supposed military man on Tinder. They talked a lot and there came a time when he asked her for a care package to be sent to him in Afghanistan. He also said that the package would need to be sent via a third party. She called up the third party and they informed her that they need her passport number, social security number, and bank account number for “security purposes”. Needless to say it was a huge SCAM.

Get the Other Person on Skype if They Live in Another country

So many people get scammed for not following this rule. If the person you are talking to is some distance away then get them on a video chat before sharing personal information. There are organizations dedicated to online scams and they can have several people running the same profile, including people who are designated to be the guy or girl manning the phones. A scammer will make up a whole laundry list of excuses why they won’t be able to talk to you through video chat. Ignore all of them and just tell them you won’t talk with them more unless they meet you or video chat you.

With this in mind we can say that we’ve seen a whole bunch of brilliant long-distance relationships formed on our platform. This is because we verify our members before allowing them to communicate and they followed all of our tips about talking through video before meeting up.

Search Their Name, Email Address and Photos on Google

Googling their personal information and even their photos is so easy, we have no excuse to not do it. Googling a photo is as simple as right clicking it and copying the link address. Then open up images.google.com and click the camera icon to load up search by image. Paste in the link for the photo and hit search icon. Scammers will often show up in Google search because people share information about scammers to help others. There are also many websites for tracking and reporting scammers such as romancescams.org and pigbusters.net. We know a Canadian woman who would have saved herself $10,000 if she had just Googled the man she was talking to.

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